Nathan is a 40 year old moderate Democrat who resides in Goodyear, Arizona. He was born in Olympia, Washington, where he attended Tumwater High School and excelled in athletics. After graduating in 1996, Nathan decided to attend a private Christian college in Kirkland, Washington, called Northwest University. It was here that he studied subject matter that challenged his belief system and broadened his horizons.   In 2003, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a concentration in Literature, intending to pursue a career in education. A few years later and after a major US technology company tried to fire his best friend after he was forced to undergo a heart transplant, Nathan decided to focus his efforts on public policy. Having worked multiple Legislative Sessions for the Washington State Legislature as a Page, Clerk, and Committee Assistant, this was a natural transition for him.

Nathan was raised in a religious family and was taught traditional Christian values. He believes in servitude and feels that all humans have an obligation to help their fellow man. Nathan has devoted his entire life to helping others and protecting the vulnerable from being exploited. He has volunteered in soup kitchens where he helped feed the homeless, participated in Master’s Commission: a Christian discipleship program, and has spent a combined 10 years volunteering in his community, helping the Olympia Police Department, and Black Hills High School wrestling team.

His family has owned property in Yuma, Arizona, since 1992 and in 2010 they purchased a home in the City of Goodyear. At this time, Nathan was working at Sky Harbor International Airport for the Transportation Security Administration. Three years later, Nathan was offered a position at the Arizona House of Representatives where he worked as a Legislative Assistant for Senator Lisa Otondo and former Representative Juan Carlos (JC) Escamilla. The following year, Nathan was asked to work for incoming Freshman Legislators, Representatives Richard Andrade and Cece Velasquez. While at the House of Representatives, he learned an extensive amount about Arizona’s politics and became astutely aware of the need for better representation in the Legislature.

In 2016, Nathan was accepted into the City of Goodyear Leadership Enrichment and Development academy. He used this opportunity to meet with city officials, learn about the inner workings of city government, and discuss ways to improve public services. It was also at this time that Nathan decided to run for the State House in legislative district 13.