I come from a family of educators and strong supporters of public education. However, I have attended both public and private schools and also support school choice. In order for us to compete on a global scale, we need to offer world class programs at every level of the educational spectrum and have alternative options for students who are nontraditional learners.

Children must learn at a very young age what constitutes a healthy diet. I want to revolutionize school meals by collaborating with local farms and businesses to create a new metric that adopts higher health standards similar to Japan and many European countries that provide students with healthy, nutritious meals.

It is absolutely appalling that our schools shame poor students who cannot afford to pay for food. My goal is to create policies that end this discrimination and provide subsidies for low income families so that they can qualify for free and reduced lunch programs without the stigma of being labeled poor or indigent.

When it comes to funding, schools need to be the top priority. Setting a high standard of investment will allow us to build a strong foundation for our future and shows that we truly understand what is important. I also believe that we should conduct biennial audits to be sure that money is being used wisely and not being wasted.

In order to have a successful education system, we need to be able to attract the best and brightest educators to our state. To do that, we need to respect our teachers, compensate them appropriately, and provide them with the support and resources they need to be successful.

We need to reevaluate what our students are learning and assess if their lesson plans and tests are stagnating growth and prohibiting them from achieving success. If we want our students to be competitive on a global scale, then we need to revolutionize learning and design a flexible system that adopts proven concepts and strategies from international models of innovation.