My desire to get involved in politics originated at a very young age, after I had been employed as a Senate Page for the Washington State Legislature. Growing up, the role I played in my family unit was a servile one and this eventually matured into a desire to serve the general public.

It is my belief that our government should be open and transparent to the public and that our politicians should put people before politics and money. I am a steadfast defender of the middle and lower class and an unrelenting advocate of Constitutional rights and freedoms. I genuinely want to help everyone succeed and to enact laws that truly benefit the citizens of Arizona, instead of large corporations and the upper class.

I am tired of politics as usual and want to return us to an era when politicians were trusted and respected by the public and when they lived according to higher standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability. I want to revolutionize the political scene by eliminating political corruption, bribery, fraud, corporate lobbying, dark money manipulation, and the countless scandals that are harming Arizona’s reputation and preventing us from achieving our goals. I am a tenacious, focused, and level- headed candidate who is eager to serve the residents of legislative district 13 by solving the issues that are most important to us.

Apathy has allowed corruption to grow in Arizona and the lack of ethics policies in the Legislature prevents the public from holding our elected officials accountable. Instead of allowing these problems to fester and grow, I will rectify these issues by writing new policies that place limits on lobbying by former elected officials and new rules that impose strict punishments on those who violate the public’s trust.

Let us not be satisfied with business as usual in this state, let us not be satisfied with the status quo any longer. Instead, let’s build a future for our children and grandchildren that we can be proud of in an Arizona that is free and beautiful and admired for our global leadership, education system, technological advancements, and economic achievements.

Please help support my efforts by voting to elect Nathan Schneider for the Arizona State House in LD13. Let’s bring change to the Arizona Legislature by putting Arizonans first instead of last.